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Redefining the future of digital advertising

Looking beyond the current state of advertising

Today’s advertising landscape is evolving rapidly, from increasingly personalized ads and the continued shift toward digital to influencers, user-generated content, and the growth of e-commerce. This prompts the question, “What will advertising in the future look like?” Tune in to the podcast to explore advertising’s evolution.

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What could the future hold for advertising?

If you look at the current state of advertising, it presents a unique opportunity due to the tremendous amount of digital transformation taking place. No longer is there just talk of digital transformation; there’s true business evolution happening, and it’s affecting how companies understand and reach consumers. Now the notions of privacy and personalization are coming to the forefront. They’re reshaping how consumers use technology and, more significantly, how businesses can attract potential customers to their products and services. How will advertising in the future act as a force multiplier for good while helping businesses and people?

In this User Friendly episode, Patrick Harris, vice president of global agency development at Facebook, and Heather Rangel, Tech, Media & Telecom leader for Deloitte Global Tax and Legal, join host Hanish Patel to discuss the direction of advertising and how it’s continually being redefined. They share how, even amid all this disruption, the same best practices will always hold true for advertisers: Having clear business objectives, high-quality advertising creativity, an enhanced brand experience, and targeted ads for the right consumer in the right environment.

They also explore the power behind 360-degree marketing campaigns—not possible before the digital world—and how these initiatives could generate many profitable opportunities for advertisers. It’s an exciting episode, covering everything from advertising’s cookieless future to the current health crisis. Tune in to hear Patrick and Heather’s optimistic outlook for the future of advertising.

There are these transformational shifts in computing power, in the devices that we carry, and the way that we act and collaborate as global citizens around the world. I just think there’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, to be a partner, or frankly, to be an advertiser.

Patrick Harris, vice president of global agency development, Facebook

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