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Blockchain and its applications in tech, media, and telecom

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Blockchain interest has been steadily growing across industries as organizations explore its potential value through experimental use cases and proofs-of-concept. Many are now looking at fully deployed production solutions. Where are technology, media, and telecom (TMT) companies in their blockchain adoption journey?

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Turning interest into action

In this episode, host Hanish Patel, Nakul Lele, a leader in Deloitte’s blockchain consulting practice, and Eric Piscini, chief executive officer of Citizens Reserve, discuss the basics of blockchain, where the technology is being used in other industries, and how TMT companies can convert blockchain investments into transformational change.

We have to remember that blockchain is the technology that gives you recordation, transaction execution, smart contracts, and smart execution.

Break through with blockchain

How can financial institutions leverage a powerful technology?

Blockchain has been poised to disrupt financial services. But with the sheer interest and investment by insurers, banks, investment managers, and commercial real estate firms, is blockchain a transformative technology instead of a disruptive force? We’ve compiled breakthrough research to show how blockchain can not only lower the risk of fraud, it can increase efficiency, improve customer loyalty, and make your organization smarter.

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