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Holiday retail trends for tech, media, and telecom

Part of the User Friendly podcast series

More than $1 trillion is up for grabs this holiday shopping season. But there isn’t just one factor that influences where consumers will spend the most. How can retailers better use technology to understand shoppers’ preferences?

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The most wonderful time of year for retail

In this episode, Rod Sides and Kevin Westcott join us to discuss the findings from Deloitte’s 2018 holiday retail survey, technology’s role in shopping, trends in mobile advertising, and more.

We’ve seen the adoption rate start to level off in terms of how digital is used throughout the shopping journey. So we’re waiting for that next big piece that’s going to make it easier for the consumer.

2018 Deloitte holiday retail survey

Consumers are optimistic about shopping during the 2018 holiday season. This year’s holiday retail survey digs deep into consumers’ shopping behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes to help retailers make the most of this opportunity..

2018 global mobile consumer survey: US edition

Once again, smartphones are at the center of the connected universe. Our survey revealed that consumer habits—from smartphone and smartwatch adoption and increased use of digital voice assistants to demand for data and anticipation for 5G—continue to dictate telecommunications trends..

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