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Tech plays leading role in return to TV and film production

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Content streaming has witnessed a surge as people stay home during COVID-19 lockdowns. But the pandemic has directly affected the ability of film studios to continue physical production and meet consumer demands for content. Tune in to the podcast to learn about the factors involved in restarting physical production.

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What you need to know about resuming film production

Production in Hollywood has been stalled since April, forcing some releases to be pushed out weeks, or even months due to COVID-19. When will studios start physical production again? It depends, but once they do, there will be a variety of challenges to safely resume. On set, safety protocols and processes will be required throughout the value chain. Another key challenge will be managing production insurance, since COVID-19 exposure is unlikely to be covered by insurance companies. Productions will need to manage risks and liabilities by quantifying continencies and undertaking self-insurance.

In this podcast, Susan Goldsmith and Danny Ledger, leaders in Deloitte Consulting’s Entertainment practice, join host Hanish Patel to discuss a four-phased approach to restarting film production. In the face of a pandemic that isn’t going away any time soon, these leaders discuss how studios will need to fundamentally change the way they operate by implementing safe practices for physical production. They also explore the use of technology in managing the restart and how MyPath™ to Work—a modular technology solution that can empower organizations to manage new workplace health risks—can be used to provide visibility, along with secure tracking and tracing.

In order to get actors kissing on screen again, you’re going to have to have these end-to end capabilities that allow you to manage every different aspect of the journey…

Danny Ledger, Deloitte Entertainment Subsector leader

Learn more about Deloitte’s comprehensive solution to restart in-person, physical production in a post-COVID-19 environment.

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The future of content creation: Virtual production

Explore the future of the VFX industry

Virtual production is the use and incorporation of visual effects (VFX) and technology throughout the production life cycle. This process isn’t exactly new; however, there are trends accelerating Hollywood’s increased interest and adoption of the process. As COVID-19 introduces unprecedented challenges to the production process, learn how virtual production capabilities could become a key differentiator for content creators moving forward in a COVID-19 entertainment landscape. Find out more in our new report.

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