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Enterprise risk evolved: A holistic approach to integrated assurance

As digital technologies proliferate and change the nature of businesses, a new age of risk management is dawning. Can emerging capabilities challenge traditional risk management assumptions and operating models across the three lines of defense? Participants will identify limitations of current risk management programs and explore a new, more resilient approach designed for a digital world.

Digital supply chain: A new road map

Digital disruption, increased market complexity and volatility, and shifting consumer expectations are making traditional supply chain objectives more difficult to achieve. What can businesses do to increase efficiency, drive results, and innovatively enhance performance? Participants will learn how to adapt their practices for the digital world, exploring ways to create interconnected systems using technology to plan, execute, and enable digital supply chain operations.

Data privacy: How information governance enables growth and innovation

Driven by the rising importance and visibility of data privacy issues and sweeping regulations, data privacy has emerged as a board-level issue and source of competitive advantage—not just a compliance requirement. To enable growth and innovation, organizations should build a comprehensive information governance (IG) program to effectively manage data privacy risk. Participants will learn how a comprehensive and coordinated approach to IG can enable compliance with data privacy regulations while providing significant business dividends that can create competitive advantage.

Mastering finance data: The foundation for finance of the future

Organizations often encounter challenges when transforming their finance data model, which is the foundation of any financial application. How can technologies such as in-memory and cloud computing increase the potential for finance data to drive more value across the enterprise? Participants will explore the finance data model transformation process and discover ways to approach a new data model triggered by new system implementations and business growth.

Operational resilience: A new approach to meet heightened demands

In July 2018, the Bank of England published a discussion paper suggesting new approaches to operational resilience. In response, US regulatory attention is now focusing on how organizations can improve their programs, well beyond traditional operational risk and business continuity programs. Participants will gain insights on what regulators are expecting from operational resilience programs and discover a realistic road map to accelerate their own program implementation.

Technology-enabled finance strategy: The value of a holistic approach

While many organizations are quick to think that technology alone can solve all problems, if certain strategy fundamentals aren’t in place, finance executives can expect frustration and a significantly lower return on technology investment. How can the finance function help build a solid technology-enabled vision and road map to deliver sustainable value? Participants will examine why technology-enabled finance strategy matters and explore the fundamental building blocks of creating one.

Fighting fraud proactively: Protect your reputation and bottom line

Efforts to find and thwart fraud are typically reactionary because reviewers often lack a comprehensive view of the business. Now, enterprise fraud management (EFM) programs are helping organizations think about risks before they become problems. Participants will discover how AI-enabled solutions and cognitive analytics techniques can help proactively monitor business activities and will explore implementation considerations.