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Tech Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier

A decade ago, many companies gained competitive advantage by investing in digital innovations. To build on that and stay ahead today, they must sense new possibilities and define their future ambitions. What trends lie beyond the digital frontier? Participants will gain insights from Deloitte's 10th annual Tech Trends report to learn about emerging technologies and their potentially disruptive power.

Transforming controllership: Keys to simplifying complexity

Managing accounting transformation can be very complex, with multiple intersecting projects such as new cloud-based systems and tools, automation, and cognitive capabilities. What are important lessons learned in navigating and executing new types of layered transformation initiatives? Participants will explore successful methodologies for executing complex accounting transformation programs and learn insights and leading practices from world-class controllers.

The future of risk in the digital era

Just as digital technologies are helping drive transformative change across industries, they are also presenting new risks. How can companies balance risk taking with risk mitigation to protect and extend their digital investments? Participants will discover how the digital technologies that are creating new risks can also be used for smart risk taking and risk mitigation.

Dusting for digital fingerprints: Beyond the claims data

Health care fraud, waste, and abuse was traditionally detected through a combination of business rules and models run against eligibility and claim-level data. After a decade of cyber learning, additional tools and techniques have emerged that can significantly enhance the ability to catch increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes. Participants will discover how emerging technologies and cyber learning can accelerate organizations' ability to catch improper payments before they go out the door.

New analytics innovations for risk modeling and assurance reporting

Risk and assurance are two sides of the same coin, and innovative analytical solutions are helping organizations better understand and visualize the relationships between the two. Now, assurance mapping and risk modeling tools help management calibrate and focus resources to optimize assurance activities and right-size risk posture. Participants will learn how analytics innovations can help balance risk with the right assurance.

Driving efficiency and sustainability in capital management

As organizations look to increase shareholder value, they may seek ways to manage their capital requirements and usage with greater effectiveness and efficiency. This increasingly involves looking to more effectively manage their balance sheets in addition to focusing on data and process improvements. Participants will learn how robust capital management practices may help drive increased risk-adjusted profitability and value creation, better enabling business decisioning and regulatory compliance.

Digital transformation of treasury: Innovation is defining the future

Facing a variety of pressures, treasury executives are trying to solve traditional challenges while navigating new disrupters. How can digital technologies help turn challenges into opportunities and enhance the value of the treasury function? Participants will gain new perspectives on how businesses are transforming their treasury functions and how operating models, talent, and technology can help meet current and future needs.

Driving Enterprise Value
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