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Process analytics: Shining a new light on process improvement

Process analytics is a new method for visualizing the flow of transactions within processes and identifying opportunities to improve processes and strengthen security and internal controls. What are practical use cases and considerations for deploying it? Participants will learn how process analytics can become an important value driver and explore practical use cases for it.

Optimizing technology costs through cloud

Amid economic uncertainty, many business leaders struggle to balance short-term cost-cutting demands with long-term transformation imperatives. How can organizations leverage cloud-enabled capabilities and optimize technology costs to not only survive, but thrive in the new normal? Participants will discover how organizations are optimizing technology spend and explore ways to effectively deploy cloud-based capabilities to drive enterprise value.

Legal modernization: Opportunities, obstacles, and lessons learned

Organizations looking to modernize their legal departments may face a major hurdle: gaining consensus among stakeholders on various aspects of transformation. What role can legal operations play in pushing past that hurdle? Participants will learn strategies for navigating legal department modernization and explore practical considerations for their own transformation initiative.

From mirage to reality: Bringing finance into focus in a digital world

Finance professionals are empowered to deliver expanded analytic insights to the businesses more than ever before, and the role is evolving in an environment that is also going through a rapid transformation. How can organizations navigate this new reality to create a future-ready finance team? Participants will identify strategies that drive value for finance in the digital age and discover a new workforce model for the future of finance.

Cyber everywhere: Detect and respond anywhere, anytime

With digital transformation often comes interconnectedness that can significantly broaden an organization's cyber vulnerability. How can you effectively monitor for and detect intrusions, uncover new attack vectors, remediate vulnerabilities, and proactively hunt for threat actors, all while protecting valuable data? Participants will learn about cyber everywhere as a risk and an opportunity and explore ways to deploy an advanced threat defense program.

Implementing enterprise business planning: Practical considerations

To more effectively compete in today’s environment, companies need to increase the level of integration and coordination across their disparate planning activities, leading some to adopt an enterprise business planning (EBP) approach. How can companies decide on the level of planning integration and maturity that makes sense for their unique circumstances? Participants will gain insights into leading EBP practices and discover ways to take their company’s planning capabilities to the next level in order to thrive long-term.

Driving Enterprise Value
September 9
2 p.m. ET
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Learning from COVID-19: The board’s role in crisis and recovery

The pandemic-induced crisis and post-pandemic recovery offer boards an opportunity to reflect on actions taken to govern through a crisis and to contemplate future priorities that may disrupt long-standing thinking. What board priorities will emerge following the crisis? Participants will gain insight into how boards have responded to the COVID-19 crisis and explore the role of the board as companies move forward and thrive in a new world.