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Newer entrants in the financial technology space (fintechs) are driving rapid change throughout the financial services sector and beyond. How can the fintech industry realize its growth ambitions which are so often based on creating positive societal impact? Discover how our fintech solutions, insights, and multidimensional approach to advising and collaborating can help fintechs adapt to the ever-evolving business environment.

Serving the fintech ecosystem

Our market-focused team has served large and prominent fintech companies from the earliest days of this sector. We serve and collaborate with hundreds of companies globally across the broader fintech ecosystem, including startups, technology companies, retail/e-commerce companies, and financial institutions alike, driving innovation and disruption. We also collaborate with a vast array of investors, regulators, and asset managers that provide substantial capital in the fintech space.

Deloitte’s fintech solutions assist clients in each stage of the growth lifecycle—from seed and early-stage to growth and beyond. These solutions also cross a range of sectors and domains such as: 

  • Payment Processing: Companies that facilitate electronic transactions, mobile payments, digital wallets, and peer-to-peer payment platforms.
  • Lending and Financing: Platforms that provide alternative lending options, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, microloans, and invoice financing.
  • Personal Finance Management: Apps and platforms that offer budgeting tools, investment tracking, financial planning advice, and automated savings solutions.
  • Insurtech: Technological innovations within the insurance industry, including digital insurance platforms, usage-based insurance, claims processing automation, and risk assessment tools.
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Technologies and platforms related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi), digital assets, cryptocurrency exchanges, and tokenization.
  • Wealth Management and Robo-Advisors: Automated investment platforms, algorithmic trading, robo-advisors, and wealth management tools that use AI and machine learning to assist in optimizing investment strategies.
  • Regtech: Regulatory technology solutions that help financial institutions comply with regulations, manage risk, monitor transactions for fraud, and reasonably maintain data security and privacy.
  • Real Estate and Property Technology (PropTech): Innovations in real estate financing, property management, crowdfunding for real estate projects, and digital mortgage solutions.
  • Alternative Banking: Challenger banks, neobanks, and digital-only banks that offer innovative banking services without physical branches, often focusing on user experience and low fees.
  • Financial Inclusion: Initiatives and technologies aimed at expanding access to financial services for underserved populations, including mobile banking solutions, microfinance platforms, and digital identity verification.

Does managing risk mean hitting pause on innovation? A fintech firm strengthens its control environment without losing forward momentum.

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Deloitte provides guidance and assistance to organizations as they move through the growth life cycle, from business model and product development through business scaling, exit readiness, and beyond. Deloitte’s long-standing experience and multi-disciplinary services—from foundational audit and tax assistance to critical risk, compliance, financial, technology, and talent advice—allow us to help meet our fintech clients’ needs.

We regularly advise, implement services and solutions, and often provide outsourced services around a range of topics. Topics of significant interest to our fintech clients include: 

Our fintech industry insights

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