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Will cloud computing and AI continue to dominate the conversation in technology, media, and communication in 2020? Will this be a breakout year for edge computing? And how will these new technologies impact the workforce? Listen in for highlights from the Technology Industry Outlook 2020.

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AI, cloud, and moving closer to the edge

In this episode, host Hanish Patel sits down with Deloitte’s global technology, media, and telecommunications leader Paul Sallomi to discuss his predictions for the year ahead. Investments in cloud and AI still look strong, while advances in edge computing help to make exciting new IoT applications affordable and practical. Companies are eager to take a look at technologies that enable making decisions at the point of application as they seek to increase personalization and create human experiences. Sallomi also explores the implications these new technologies will have on building a diverse workforce.

The more and more power that we push out to the edge, the greater the opportunity for immediate personalized interaction…this idea of devices at the edge helps us be more effective in our employment and also enhances the customer's really fundamentally transforming the way work gets done.

— Paul Sallomi, global TMT and technology leader, Deloitte LLP

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