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Technology in sports and other trends to watch

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How can sports and media and entertainment organizations leverage emerging technologies to evolve their business models and create new revenue streams? In the third episode of our outlook series, we look at the 2020 trends to watch around regulation and technology in sports—from college athletic compensation rules to esports to 5G.

Trends and technology in sports

Technology’s growing impact on the business of sports can be seen almost everywhere. Innovations like 5G are enabling the rise of real-time sports betting. Designed to support low-latency, high-volume communications, this rapidly emerging technology meets the requirements of real-time sports bettors. And, 5G is already being deployed in sports stadiums, sports bars, and other venues where such betting might take place. As emerging technology develops, we also expect the esports ecosystem to expand with dramatic growth in streaming and broadcast sponsorships—and these are just a few examples.

The proliferation of technology in sports and other trends have sports organizations and media and entertainment companies primed for new growth opportunities. So how can they tap into this potential?

In this episode, host Hanish Patel welcomes Deloitte’s US Sports Leader, Pete Giorgio. From the $1.5 billion esports market to the increased awareness of women’s sports and the shifting landscape of college athletics, they break down the industry trends to watch in the coming year, including the role of technology in sports.

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