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Consumer industry: Imperative tools for driving growth

Risk & Financial Advisory webcast series

Discover how forces of change, paired with intelligent business planning and risk assessment, can help you refine and improve operational performance, reduce overall costs to improve margin, and add greater value to your organization's goals.

Explore our webcast series

Explore our webcast series

Consumer data risk—balancing personalization and privacy in the digital age

Discover methods that can help you solve for modern consumer data risk program challenges with respect to understanding consumer data, access to data subjects, and enabling consumer rights to data.

Cyber reconnaissance and analytics

Learn how security operations teams can cut through data overload, how to disrupt or detect cyberattacks earlier in the cycle, how to help security teams identify seemingly innocuous tools, and more.

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Digital—The next generation of controllership

Hear how world-class controllership functions strategically leverage technology—from cloud, robotics, and analytics to artificial intelligence and automation—to improve operational performance, insight, and risk intelligence across the enterprise.

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Look again... Cybersecurity goes top floor to shop floor

Gain an understanding of the convergence—and the accompanying risks—of operational technology (OT) and enterprise networks, as well as how to analyze, respond, and remediate OT to improve your overall organizational security posture.

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Understanding cost to serve and impact on “true” profitability

Develop a common language and understanding about cost to serve (CTS) analytic capabilities, including how CTS can generate value, leading practices, and success factors.

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Vulnerability management

Achieve balance across resources, technology, process, and governance—while remaining aligned with business operations—and learn how to detect and remediate vulnerabilities to minimize the risk of disruption.

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