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​Our Risk & Financial Advisory services professionals help organizations effectively navigate business risks and opportunities—from strategic, reputation, and financial risks to operational, cyber, and regulatory risks—to gain competitive advantage. We apply our experience in ongoing business operations and corporate lifecycle events to help clients become stronger and more resilient. Our market-leading teams help clients embrace complexity to accelerate performance, disrupt through innovation, and lead in their industries.

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Cyber Risk

Cyber isn’t merely a technology issue. It’s a strategic business risk that will continue to impact every facet of every organization.

Deloitte Cyber helps organizations create a cyber-minded culture and become stronger, faster, more innovative, and more resilient in the face of persistent and ever-changing cyber threats. With human insight, technological innovation, and enterprise-wide cyber solutions, Deloitte Cyber will work alongside you to help you find answers and solve for the complexity of each challenge, from the boardroom to the factory floor.

The ubiquity of cyber drives the scope of our services. Deloitte Cyber advises, implements, and manages solutions across five areas:

  • Strategy, Defense, and Response
  • Data
  • Application Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Identity

Cyber everywhere. Succeed anywhere.

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Financial Risk, Transactions & Restructuring

Fast-changing global markets demand organizations have financial stability and liquidity. The right outcomes depend on continuous rigor in governance and processes across an array of transactional events. Deloitte’s Financial Risk, Transactions & Restructuring team helps companies effectively manage finance and operations risk in order to drive performance and results, and become stronger than ever. We offer solutions designed to help address a variety of risks that result from regulatory changes, market volatility, corporate events, and growing third-party relationships.

  • Securitization
  • Treasury
  • Controllership
  • Cost and profitability
  • Capital assets
  • Financial Advisory
  • Acquisitions
  • Divestitures


Assurance & Internal Audit

Deloitte’s Assurance professionals help organizations advance transparency, relevance, and the quality of information disclosed to the markets and investors so that they can meet regulatory and attestation requirements. We provide specialized audit analytics and internal control services for external audit clients including reviews of financial statements and reporting on internal controls, and other attest services related to financial reporting. We also help clients navigate the complexities, risks, and opportunities in their “extended enterprises” by proactively managing and monitoring risks presented by third-party relationships and helping companies address regulatory and marketplace demand.

  • Third party assurance services
  • Specialized audit services

Deloitte’s Internal Audit (IA) team helps clients enhance the effectiveness, quality, and value received from their IA functions. We assist in process efficiency, fraud detection, operational quality, internal control, and regulatory compliance, and we help IA functions improve their performance and operating efficiency to bring greater value to their organizations. Through analytics and other innovative methods, we advise on critical business issues and help clients anticipate risk.

  • Cyber IT internal audit
  • Digital internal audit
  • Outsourcing/cosourcing
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Agile Internal Audit
  • Strategy, assessments, innovation & transformation
  • Pre-IPO internal audit


Risk Intelligence

Complexity and change are inherent in the world we live in. With complexity and change comes increased risk in all areas of your business. But, your company shouldn’t be held back by uncertainty and the evolving landscape of risk. Instead, Deloitte’s Risk Intelligence team, equipped with leading-edge tools and capabilities, can help you discover, interpret, and prepare for risks that have the potential to impact your enterprise’s business strategy. The result? Reimagine risk to uncover the strategic new opportunities and lasting value that can disrupt your market and elevate your business.

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Extended enterprise risk management
  • MarketPoint predictive modeling solutions
  • Risk sensing and analytics
  • Brand and reputation management
  • Brand operations
  • Crisis response and recovery
  • Business resilience

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Deloitte's Forensic team helps clients predict, detect, and respond to the risks and vulnerabilities that come from global corruption, litigation, fraud, financial mismanagement, and other threats. We help organizations anticipate emerging threats through the use of market-leading technology to uncover possibilities that others may fail to find. Our highly skilled specialists leverage advanced, technology-enabled tools to help clients more confidently make decisions to help them lead, navigate, and disrupt to turn complex issues into opportunities for resilience and long-term advantage.

  • Business intelligence
  • Discovery
  • Forensic investigations
  • Litigation and dispute consulting

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Regulatory and Operational Risk

Businesses today face complex regulations and often volatile operating environments as the regulatory landscape continues to increase in complexity across the globe. Deloitte’s Regulatory and Operational Risk team leverages deep knowledge of industry-specific issues with innovative and technology-enabled solutions to help predict changes in the regulatory risk and operational environment, preserve and create organizational value, and respond to regulatory changes or risk failures when they occur.

We use proprietary tools, predictive technologies, and accelerators to help clients more proactively manage risk and achieve regulatory compliance. We design enterprise-wide compliance programs and advise clients on how to effectively navigate a regulatory investigation or inquiry.

  • Anti-money laundering
  • Business operations
  • Enterprise compliance
  • Financial markets
  • Model risk management
  • Regulatory, risk and capital
  • Risk data management

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