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Pricing and contracts managed services

Focus on maximizing your company’s revenue

Learn how our managed services can help you focus more on maximizing revenue—and less on running your software systems.

Why managed services?

​Managed services can help organizations more efficiently stay up to date on technology; access necessary skills; and address a range of issues related to cost, quality, and risk.

Ultimately, we can help you shift from using systems merely for transaction processing to uncovering unprecedented insights that can transform your business. We can also help you gain a competitive edge in the fast-moving life sciences sector.

We provide:
  • A team of industry and compliance specialists from thought leaders and advisors to commercial operations, technologists, and data scientists;
  • Who help clients manage strategic financial, operational, and regulatory risk;
  • Through a secure and scalable technology platform that manages complex commercial contracts and government pricing.

Learn more about our Pricing and Contracts Managed Services.

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Transform your operations

Deloitte’s hybrid cloud-based multi-services platform, ExaLink, helps life sciences companies transform their commercial operations processes through innovative technology, compliance knowledge, and managed services related to commercial contracts, increasing government regulations, and pricing pressures.

ExaLink offers enhanced data security and scalability, pricing and contracts managed services, and access to business information that simply didn’t exist previously. Data functions that are cost centers can now be value drivers because of greater focus into pre-deal analysis, post-deal monitoring, pricing discrepancies, and the identification of lost revenue.

Learn how companies can move their commercial operations to the next level.

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Proactively manage business performance

Our integrated business insights provide data analysts and commercial operations specialists with deep knowledge of commercial contracts and government pricing data to help you proactively identify risk, improve product pricing, and analyze complex business challenges.

We provide tailored insights into pressing issues—from product profitability and trade relations to commercial contract effectiveness and beyond.

  • Dashboards: Data visualizations help you track transaction processing progress, trends, and contract performance.
  • On-demand report builder: Build custom reports to support ad-hoc business evaluation needs.
  • Scenario Modeling: Pre-established calculation models measure and track the impact of variable changes to historic data.
  • Gross-to-net tools: A custom, configurable, and flexible calculation engine supports financial modeling.

Learn more about Deloitte’s Life Sciences practice.

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