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ExaLink Subscription and Managed Services

Accelerate commercial performance

Learn how ExaLink services for pricing and contracts helps life sciences manufacturers more efficiently stay up-to-date on technology; access necessary skills; and address a range of issues related to cost, quality, and risk.

Subscription services

Replace antiquated legacy systems, manual processes, and disparate reporting

We can help you lead your organization by streamlining systems, processes, and reporting through access to a multi-services, hybrid cloud technology platform for government pricing, commercial contracts, and integrated business insights. Our vendor-agnostic technology platform leverages our pricing and contracts services and integrates them into an environment for a streamlined end-user experience.

Features include:

  • A multi-services, hybrid cloud approach, which leverages both private and public clouds to enable scalable and distributed services
  • A highly configurable technology platform, including a software developer kit to enable third parties to build applications on the platform
  • A rapid application development and iterative solution delivery using Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Integration
  • Policies, practices, and frameworks that enable applications to provide secure information and services to users
  • Integrated analytics capabilities along with portals for both the desktop and mobile applications

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Managed services

Improve performance with access to resources, specialists, and an innovative technology platform

We can help you spend less time navigating your antiquated systems, manual processes, and disparate reporting through access to experienced people and proven processes; a flexible, innovative approach to pricing, contracts, and analytics; and a state-of-art technology platform. Our advisors and pricing and contracts operations team work together with you to solve contract complexities, resource gaps, and technology limitations.

We provide a team of industry and compliance specialists from thought leaders and advisors to commercial operations, IT, and analytics who help clients manage strategic risk through a secure and scalable hybrid cloud technology platform that manages complex commercial contracts.

Our services include:
  • Government pricing, rebates, and refunds
  • Contract rebates, fees, and chargebacks
  • Class of Trade (COT)
  • Public Health Services (PHS)

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Integrated business insights (IBI)

Greater insight into contract performance

Executives and management require access to a broader spectrum of analysis in order to drive commercial performance and better manage customer and vendor relationships. With IBI, you remain in control of your data through a mobile-enabled portal that functions like a control panel and empowers your decision makers to be less tactical and more strategic every day. Some of the features include:

  • Dashboards: Data visualizations help you track transaction processing progress, trends, and contract performance
  • On-demand report builder: Build custom reports to support ad-hoc business evaluation needs
  • Scenario modeling: Pre-established calculation models measure and track the impact of variable changes to historic data
  • Gross-to-net tools: A custom, configurable, and flexible calculation engine supports financial modeling

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