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Pricing and Contracting Solutions

Risk mitigation and commercial performance for government pricing and commercial contracting

​Designed for the life sciences industry, our pricing and contracting solutions help you more effectively collaborate and gain access to skills; address a range of issues related to efficiency, data quality, and risk; and stay up to date with the latest technology.

We help you shift from legacy systems to a better solution that looks at business capabilities, contract complexities, and processes—not as discreet vertical offerings, but as a collection of horizontal applications that can be accessed and leveraged across organizational boundaries.

Rethink current operating models for breakthrough value, updated systems and processes, and fast access to critical business insights.

Pricing and contracting services


Medicaid Claims

Rebates and Fees



Correct, timely, and consistent price reporting

Efficiently process and pay government invoices

Reduce the challenges of prescription verification and rebate calculation

Help maintain compliance and avoid revenue leakage

Help mitigate issues and solidify government programs compliance


ExaLink Subscription

Embrace the complexities of your business and look forward to improving results, not running antiquated software. With ExaLink Subscription, you gain access to a highly configurable, cloud technology platform for government pricing, commercial contracting, and Integrated Business Insights.

  • No hardware to purchase
  • Less business disruption due to time-consuming software upgrades
  • Predictable IT costs for more precise budgeting
  • More time to focus on critical business circumstances and commercial performance
  • Users gain mobile device capabilities

Scalability, speed, and security

Managed Services

Spend less time navigating your antiquated systems, manual processes, and disparate reporting through access to experienced people; a flexible, innovative approach to pricing, contracts, and analytics; and a state-of-art technology platform. Our advisors and pricing and contracts operations team work together with you to solve contract complexities, resource gaps, and technology limitations.

Client experience that feels like an extension of your team.

Gain greater access to knowledge, innovation, and risk controls

ExaLink Connect

ExaLink Connect is the single point of access for documentation and deliverables via desktop and mobile-enabled portals. For our clients, ExaLink Connect provides a universal login, ease of navigation, and improved productivity.

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Integrated Business Insights

Integrated Business Insights (IBI) help improve business performance by aligning internal and third-party data to explore and understand real-time contract performance, anticipate future financial results, and evaluate new business drivers. We can help you shift from using software merely for transaction processing to gaining unprecedented insights that can transform your business.

  • Integrated. IBI provides data analysts and commercial operations specialists with deep knowledge of commercial contracts and government pricing data to help you proactively identify risk, improve product pricing, and analyze complex business challenges.
  • Business. We provide tailored insights into pressing issues—from product profitability and trade relations to commercial contract effectiveness, supply chain, and beyond.
  • Insights. You gain 24/7 access to information through a mobile-enabled portal.



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Our Pricing and Contracting Solutions can help transform your business and the roles of your employees, enabling leaner processes, better results, and enhanced compliance.

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Mel Walker

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Guy Merritt

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