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Is there any part of the business world that moves faster than mergers and acquisitions (M&A)? It's hard to imagine–and that's what makes it so exciting. The M&A Views podcast series is a chance to hear Deloitte's experienced M&A leaders answer questions on the latest mergers and acquisitions trends, from culture to technology and beyond. Listen in on conversations about topics likely to directly impact your work today.

The state of the deal: M&A trends 2018

Russell Thomson

From new technology to increased capital, what are the major trends motivating companies to want to make more and bigger deals in the year to come? In this episode, Russell Thomson, Deloitte’s M&A Services national managing partner, breaks down the results from Deloitte’s 2018 M&A trends report, including increased optimism in the market, digital disruption as a primary deal driver, and how legislative uncertainty may come into play.

I would say there remains a very strong and healthy appetite for M&A.

The state of the deal: M&A trends 2018

From upstream to downstream: Trends in oil and gas M&A

Ray Ballotta and Andrew Slaughter

The oil and gas industry saw a steady decline in deal activity over the course of 2017. Will this trend continue in the year ahead? In this episode, Andrew Slaughter, executive director of the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions, and Ray Ballotta, Oil & Gas M&A industry leader, take a look at how oil prices and other factors could impact the level of deal activity in the industry.

If we continue to see upward momentum in pricing, that is certainly a positive sign for M&A activity as we head into 2018.

From upstream to downstream: Trends in oil and gas M&A

M&A matchmaking: Finding the right consumer products partner

Shashi Yadavalli and Bryan Barnes

Deal volume in the consumer products sector is strong, but are newly-merged companies positioning themselves to succeed in the long run? In this episode, Deloitte's consumer products M&A leaders, Bryan Barnes, partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Shashi Yadavalli, principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP, review the four common types of M&A integration activity and discuss how companies focused on exceptional deal value are deliberate about driving business model coherence throughout their integration journey.

Companies that drive toward a coherent business model in the long run generate nearly 50 percent higher shareholder value compared to the rest of the population.

M&A matchmaking: Finding the right consumer products partner

Driving performance: The future of automotive M&A

Marc Holzer and Neal Ganguli

On the road toward the future of mobility, the lanes dividing technology and automakers will continue to merge. In this episode, Marc Holzer, partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Neal Ganguli, principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP, discuss increased partnerships and collaborations between these two industries and what organizations can do to stay competitive in this new automotive ecosystem.

There's really a historically high level of M&A, and partnership activity, and collaboration activity in the automotive marketplace right now.

Driving performance: The future of automotive M&A

Synergy success: Hitting your revenue targets

Nik Chickermane and Iain Bamford

Deal volume has surged over the past few years. But many companies still seem to be struggling with how to get the most value from M&A. In this episode, two principals from Deloitte Consulting LLP’s M&A practice, Nik Chickermane and Iain Bamford, explore what could be preventing organizations from achieving their revenue targets and discuss the importance of balancing short- and long-term strategies.

Achieving revenue synergies is quite often difficult—but it’s not impossible. And it can certainly be achieved with the right rigor and approach.

Synergy success: Hitting your revenue targets

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