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Is there any part of the business world that moves faster than mergers and acquisitions (M&A)? It's hard to imagine–and that's what makes it so exciting. The M&A Views podcast series is a chance to hear Deloitte's experienced M&A leaders answer questions on the latest mergers and acquisitions trends, from culture to technology and beyond. Listen in on conversations about topics likely to directly impact your work today.

Driving performance: The future of automotive M&A

Marc Holzer and Neal Ganguli

On the road toward the future of mobility, the lanes dividing technology and automakers will continue to merge. In this episode, Marc Holzer, partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Neal Ganguli, principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP, discuss increased partnerships and collaborations between these two industries and what organizations can do to stay competitive in this new automotive ecosystem.

There's really a historically high level of M&A, and partnership activity, and collaboration activity in the automotive marketplace right now.

Driving performance: The future of automotive M&A

Synergy success: Hitting your revenue targets

Nik Chickermane and Iain Bamford

Deal volume has surged over the past few years. But many companies still seem to be struggling with how to get the most value from M&A. In this episode, two principals from Deloitte Consulting LLP’s M&A practice, Nik Chickermane and Iain Bamford, explore what could be preventing organizations from achieving their revenue targets and discuss the importance of balancing short- and long-term strategies.

Achieving revenue synergies is quite often difficult—but it’s not impossible. And it can certainly be achieved with the right rigor and approach.

Synergy success: Hitting your revenue targets

Banking on M&A: Trends impacting deal activity (part one)

Paul Legere and Jay Langan

How is the current economic environment and regulatory uncertainty impacting M&A deal activity for banks and securities firms? In this episode, Deloitte Consulting LLP principal, Paul Legere, and Deloitte & Touche LLP partner, Jay Langan, share their perspectives on key influencers of deal activity and discuss shifts in deal volume and value in this evolving industry.

I think we do expect broadly, that M&A activity will be picking up as banks continue to look forward in the transforming landscape in which they're playing.

Banking on M&A (part one)

Banking on M&A: Trends impacting deal activity (part two)

Paul Legere and Jay Langan

In the years since the financial downturn, how has the global banking deal landscape shifted? Listen to part two of our conversation with Deloitte Consulting LLP principal, Paul Legere, and Deloitte & Touche LLP partner, Jay Langan, to hear more about the global banking M&A market and how FinTech could impact the industry.

I also think with the role of FinTech in banking is changing quite a bit. I think it originally was very focused on loan origination, front end, and mobile wallet. We're seeing a lot more activity on the back end as banks seek to cut costs.

Banking on M&A (part two)

Navigating the deal market: The future of insurance M&A

Boris Lukan and Matt Hutton

What are 10 trends that could have the biggest impact on the insurance deal market? In this episode, Deloitte Consulting LLP principal, Boris Lukan, and Deloitte & Touche LLP partner, Matt Hutton, share their insights around how various headwinds and tailwinds might impact M&A activity in the insurance industry over the coming year. They also discuss how emerging technologies could play a role in reshaping the industry.

There isn't a client in our portfolio that isn't actively thinking about InsureTech and how to leverage those capabilities to enhance business performance.

The future of insurance M&A

A future of promise: M&A in life sciences & health care

Phil Pfrang and Susan Dettmar

Should life sciences and health care companies purchase or license technology? How will the political climate impact M&A in life sciences and health care? What role does digital innovation play in M&A? In this episode, Deloitte & Touche LLP partner, Phil Pfrang, and Deloitte Consulting LLP principal, Susan Dettmar, discuss current trends and future M&A opportunities for the life sciences and healthcare industry.

Be much more aware of how many other sectors are really creatively considering health care as their next adjacent growth opportunity.

M&A in life sciences & health care

Data-driven deals: M&A analytics

Andy Wilson and Brian Bird

Integrating analytics into day-to-day operations is a top priority in many industries. But do the benefits of additional data always outweigh the associated obstacles? In this episode, Deloitte Advisory managing director, Brian Bird, and partner, Andy Wilson, share their perspectives on this increased reliance on data in M&A decision-making.

The depth of data that's available is giving them the opportunity to make better decisions than you might if you just relied on your experience.

M&A analytics

Continuing the momentum: M&A trends report, 2016 year-end edition

Russell Thomson

Despite a tepid beginning, the 2016 M&A market has gained traction with a new wave of deal activity. Can this momentum be sustained? In this short podcast, Russell Thomson, Deloitte’s M&A Services national managing partner, discusses key findings from the M&A trends report, 2016 year-end edition.

What we really wanted to do was hear directly from those driving deal decisions and gauge their expectations for M&A activity in 2017.

M&A trends report, 2016 year-end edition

The rise of joint ventures: Elements of success (part one)

Mike Armstrong and Sejal Gala

The success of a joint venture (JV) can vary depending on the partners, the financials, and the exit plan. What can increase the chances? In part two of our podcast on JVs, Deloitte Consulting LLP principals, Chris Ruggeri and Sejal Gala, along with director, Mike Armstrong, examine how the initial design and planning are critical for a JV’s success.​

Any joint venture is a new third entity you're creating and has to have its own strategy in the same way that any business or business unit does.

Elements of success (part one)

The rise of joint ventures: Elements of success (part two)

Chris RuggeriMike Armstrong, and Sejal Gala

Joint ventures (JVs) and alternative transaction structures have risen in popularity, in part, because they give companies access to otherwise unavailable markets and resources while limiting upfront investment. As the popularity of JVs in the marketplace grow, how can companies increase the probability of operating and exiting joint ventures successfully? In part one of this short, two-part podcast, Deloitte Consulting LLP director, Mike Armstrong, and principal, Sejal Gala, share how best to set up and manage joint ventures so they are advantageous to all parties involved.

Upfront design and planning of a JV are absolutely critical to its success.

Elements of success (part two)

Driving the deals: US/UK M&A corridor

Andy Wilson and Cahal Dowds

The US/UK deal corridor is known as the most active M&A arena in the world. But what makes this such an attractive market? Andy Wilson, Deloitte Advisory partner, and Cahal Dowds, vice chairman of Deloitte UK, discuss the drivers behind the continued M&A activity between the US and the UK, despite a global slowdown in M&A activity. The two also touch on the most active industries for M&A deals and the potential implications of Brexit.

The appetite for US/UK deals has persisted despite a global slowdown in M&A activity in the last six months.

US/UK M&A corridor

Controlling spin-off costs

Jason Asper

In order to manage costs, you need to understand where they’re coming from. As the complexity of a transaction increase, so do the associated costs. In our M&A trends podcast, Deloitte Consulting LLP principal, Jason Asper, discusses the drivers of spin-off costs and how you can minimize these expenses.

The more you focus and provide visibility of the cost, the better that you can manage the cost.


Controlling spin-off costs

Managing culture in M&A deals (part one)

Sarah Hindley and Kevin Knowles

In our inaugural M&A trends podcast, we ask Sarah Hindley and Kevin Knowles, both principals with Deloitte Consulting LLP, about specific ways that M&A leaders are using culture to their advantage today. The podcast is just a few minutes long and can help you jump-start your thinking on the role of culture in mergers and acquisitions–and, most important, what you can actually do about it.

A merger or an acquisition or any other large transformation is a unique opportunity. It's an opportunity for leaders to take a step back and assess what kind of culture they need, and what kind of culture differentiates them as an organization.

Managing culture in M&A deals (part one)

Managing culture in M&A deals (part two)

Sarah Hindley and Kevin Knowles

Culture can play a big role in the success (or failure) of a merger or acquisition. But culture is a slippery concept and can be hard to manage, much less understand. In part two of this short M&A trends podcast, Sarah Hindley and Kevin Knowles, both principals with Deloitte Consulting LLP, get specific about how leaders in this space are using culture to their advantage.

Those who have done culture work upfront and early on have really given themselves an advantage.

Managing culture in M&A deals (part two)

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