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Application Modernization: Modernization Services

A low-risk, cost-effective path toward modernizing legacy applications

Legacy applications are difficult to integrate with technologies like cloud, analytics, and mobility, which can impede digital transformation initiatives. Modernization, one of Deloitte’s Application Modernization suite of solutions powered by innoWake™, helps organizations overcome these barriers by updating legacy code and adopting modern technologies and Cloud Native applications.

Operational efficiencies and a fast track to the cloud

Modernization helps organizations integrate modern platforms and technologies after legacy code has been migrated off the mainframe. Our solution offers a low-risk approach to help re-architect legacy applications to Cloud Native, an approach to building and running applications that enables developers to more rapidly deliver business-critical tools and services.

Modernization can enhance process efficiencies and improve system performance so that organizations can meet evolving business needs. Its user interface (UI) tool helps developers model business requirements and create efficient, modern user interfaces. Use of Microservices enables developers to quickly build tools that can accelerate delivery of cloud-based apps. Modernization also allows organizations to implement essential capabilities like integrated cybersecurity solutions, as well as take advantage of highly efficient and collaborative DevOps methodologies.

Application Modernization: Modernization Services

Making the journey from mainframe to cloud easier

In this podcast, David Linthicum and his guest, Deloitte’s Madhu Thejomurthy, discuss how the right strategy, coupled with the right tools, can make the journey from mainframe legacy to cloud future easier and help enable companies to realize the transformative power of the cloud.

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Mainframe to Cloud Native

Organizations looking to achieve the full benefits of cloud computing are turning to Cloud Native, an approach that enables them to more rapidly deliver critical tools and services. Find out how Deloitte can take you from mainframe to Cloud Native in a single project.

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Potential business benefits of Modernization

Modernization helps organizations incrementally integrate applications and processes so they’re better positioned to meet future business requirements and achieve cost savings with minimal disruption to operations. After legacy applications are migrated to an open-systems platform, there’s no need to support costly mainframes. Modernization can also lower spending by reducing investments in software, hardware, and licensing.

Modernization helps organizations move applications to the cloud and take advantage of demonstrated cloud benefits like lower costs, greater agility, and faster speed to market. Beyond cloud, Modernization can retain current business processes to help streamline future application modernization initiatives.


The right tools, team, and experience

Deloitte is uniquely positioned to help you plan and implement a low-risk Modernization initiative that’s aligned with your current and future business requirements. In addition to our proven Modernization methodologies and technologies, we assemble collaborative teams with global reach that combine industry experience with highly specialized technical skills. They’re supported by professionals in our Application Modernization studios, which are based in Austin, TX, and Senden, Germany.

Finally, as a single-source provider, Deloitte manages all team activities as part of the workstream.

Our Modernization solution uses one-of-a-kind tools and methodologies to extend the capabilities of your current system by enabling adoption of new technologies and re-architecting legacy code to Cloud Native services in a single project.

Legacy modernization, start anywhere.

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