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Cyber risk management and the IoT: A video series

Being secure, vigilant, and resilient in the connected age

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers tremendous opportunities for value creation and capture. Along with delivering very real benefits, however, the IoT exposes organizations to increased cyber risk. In this series of videos, Deloitte’s Irfan Saif outlines how organizations can manage the growing threat of cyber risk in the IoT using the paradigm “secure, vigilant, and resilient” as a guide.

Managing cyber risk and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a key focus for many industries. As the focus grows, it is going to be increasingly important to deal with all of the cyber risks that are arising and that these businesses are facing.

What is IoT?

Think of the paradigm ‘secure, vigilant, resilient’ as a means to manage the growing threats and cyber risks in the Internet of Things ecosystem. The value of thinking about this paradigm is to protect and govern the information being generated, enrich the system development lifecycle, and ultimately, to manage threats and provide a robust and resilient infrastructure.

What is the value of IoT? There’s a lot of hype, but what are the benefits?

Devices don’t always need human interaction. And that’s one of the important elements of IoT—enabling machine-to-machine communication which allows for real-time decision-making based on analysis and rules.

What is the true value of IoT versus the hype that surrounds it?

Think about using the paradigm: Secure, Vigilant, Resilient.

How do we address cyber risks to manage IoT devices safely and effectively?

Cyber risk shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be baked into every step of your development and deployment lifecycle. Be thoughtful about how technologies that are not necessarily built for an IoT world are used in IoT applications.

What can you do next?

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