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Brand Operations Services

Improving customer experience and brand health

Defined by thousands of touchpoints, the health of your brand now extends far beyond your marketing strategy and into the hands of the consumer. Deloitte’s Brand Operations Services team can help organizations monitor, maintain, and enhance the customer experience and brand health by combining field-based resources, market research, and analytics-driven technology—even in the most complex environments.

Cultivate the customer experience. Redefine operational excellence. Take control of brand health.

Why is your brand so important? It’s who you are, what you stand for, and how your customers perceive you. Your brand is a critical asset and it no longer operates in isolation. Every interaction with your brand—from an online purchase and order fulfillment to engagement with your employees on the front line to the quality of the product or service delivered—is connected to the customer experience, and ultimately, the health of your brand.

But managing a brand in today’s transparent and complex business landscape is no small feat. Business leaders need to navigate an array of issues to remain competitive and maintain brand health, including:

  • Continuously increasing customer expectations
  • Expanding operations and globalization
  • Lower barriers to entry for competitors
  • Increasing number of stakeholders, partnerships, and channels
  • Data overload

And in just one click, a single customer experience can destroy a brand’s reputation. Organizations should look beyond the traditional customer experience in their efforts to manage brand health—from operations onward. It’s now more critical than ever to establish an enterprise-wide brand governance program to build resilience against risk and to enhance brand delivery and financial performance.

Your brand “go” team

Our teams of industry-experienced specialists can provide the brand assistance you need. We thrive in assisting clients that need strategic, data-driven solutions at scale.

Our team can help leadership turn critical and complex business issues—including customer experience and brand health—into opportunities for growth, resilience, and long-term advantage. Plus, our experience in operations, service delivery, and brand experience can help you move forward with confidence.

We offer:

  • Industry specialists who are immersed in your brand. We can help you drive action and accountability in the field.
  • Professional and consistent execution. Our team can deliver quality data and actionable insights.
  • Global support infrastructure with access to resources in more than 150 countries. So your business, no matter the size or location, can be supported to help you achieve operational excellence.
  • A flexible staffing model that leverages teams of Deloitte professionals as well as our external crowdsourcing network. Through Deloitte, you will have access to a talent pool of more than one million third-party contractors.
  • An enterprise-wide view of your brand and reputation. We’ll work with you to help you position brand health at the heart of your strategy and operations.

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Delivering a data-driven customer experience

Our performance management technology is designed to help your frontline teams fulfill the promise of your brand.

Our TrueView performance management platform is designed to enable clients to use data to drive operational performance and strengthen brand health. We merge internal operating and customer sentiment data to paint a detailed view of how customers experience your brand. The platform spans data collection, aggregation, integration, reporting, and analysis across all the touchpoints and brand interactions you want to track.

The intended result? A simple and effective performance management process that you can use to drive improvement.

Your organization can benefit from TrueView’s:

  • Customized portal. Provide frontline managers with tools to help them achieve their goals through a configurable performance management platform.
  • Integrated platform. Enable stakeholders to collect observations and manage operational performance and brand delivery using a mobile interface.
  • Self-assessments. Create your own assessments using our customizable inspection checklists, where data can be integrated for an enterprise-wide view of your organization’s operational performance and brand delivery.
  • Reporting capabilities. Turn data from various sources into actionable insights, viewable on interactive dashboards.
  • Action planning. Help to drive action and accountability by prioritizing opportunities and connecting them directly to solutions.

What we do

Deloitte can help businesses monitor, maintain, and enhance the health of their brands in a deliberate and actionable way.

Where we play

The combination of performance data from on-site and remote sources can provide a more detailed picture of your brand. This process can help you identify performance drivers and pinpoint areas of opportunity. Our assessments can include any—or all—of the following domains:

  • Brand identity. To help you maintain consistency of brand standards across the enterprise as the basis for a differentiated experience.
  • Operational execution. To assess adherence to internal processes in an effort to improve efficiency, accuracy, and quality.
  • Customer experience. To evaluate how customers perceive your brand versus their expectations.
  • Facility quality. To provide insight into upkeep and maintenance of your facilities, including renovations and openings.
  • Internal controls. To provide support services for your internal audits and assist with loss prevention and merchandising.
  • Brand compliance. To assess brand compliance across franchise, owned, and managed locations.

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Deloitte Brand Operations Services named a 2019 GreenBook Market Leader

Deloitte Brand Operations Services (formerly LRA, a Deloitte business) was recently named to GreenBook’s annual list of Top 50 Market Leaders in the US. Rankings measure the top market research firms by revenue and brand success in 2019. The Market Leaders Report also explores trends and predictions in market research and the evolving industry landscape. Read the full report here.

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