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Food Brand Protection Services

Fortify your brand protection strategy

A boilerplate approach to food and service quality isn’t good enough when your brand’s reputation is on the line. Explore how Deloitte’s Food Brand Protection services can help you strengthen brand resilience and improve customer experience through field-based evaluations, performance coaching, research, and data-driven insights.

Why develop a food brand protection strategy?

Walk into any grocery store, retailer, or restaurant, and you’ll see that many successful food service businesses are built on distinctive and captivating brands.

An engaging brand can be used as a tool to advertise, communicate, and deliver a specific experience to the consumer, often taking on an identity of its own. When consumers look for your brand, they're really looking for the entire customer experience you offer—from pricing to quality and service.

Effective food service brands:

  • Build financial value
  • Create trust between the business and the consumer
  • Generate new customers while keeping dedicated ones coming back
  • Have overall food brand recognition
  • Set their business apart from the competition
  • Stand for quality and consistency

But a strong brand reputation doesn’t just happen. It’s essential to develop a brand protection strategy to help guide the planning and execution of the full customer experience journey. As part of this strategy, operational risk management is a crucial component.

Three factors are driving many food companies to reassess their food brand protection operational risk management programs:

  • Consumer-driven approach. Consumers now give more consideration to wellness, transparency, and social responsibility.
  • Increasing government regulation. Food companies are making changes to how they approach risk prevention, traceability, and supplier management.
  • Evolution of operating strategies and models. Companies' ecosystems, supply chains, and manufacturing models are becoming more complicated and networked.

A dedicated team of food brand protection specialists

Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory is a recognized leader in providing professional services to the food industry, serving 80 percent of the Fortune 500 food service companies.

Our team of food brand protection specialists, field inspectors, and supply chain practitioners are dedicated to helping clients address their operational challenges.

We offer:

  • Food brand protection specialists who are immersed in your brand and can help you drive action, accountability, and performance improvement in the field.
  • A global support infrastructure with access to resources in more than 150 countries. No matter the size or location, your business has the support it needs to drive quality, consistency, and brand health. 
  • A flexible staffing model that leverages teams of Deloitte professionals as well as our external crowdsourcing network. Through Deloitte, you will have access to a diverse talent pool that provides global coverage, brand training and immersion, and the right skills for the right task.

Game-changing tools and capabilities

Our TrueView performance management platform enables clients to use data to drive operational performance and help protect their brand. We merge customer experience and quality data to create a detailed view of how customers experience your brand. The platform spans data collection, aggregation, integration, reporting, and analysis across the touchpoints and brand interactions you want to track. The result? A simple and effective performance management process that you can use to help drive improvement.

Industry-leading food brand protection services

Deloitte can help businesses monitor, maintain, and enhance their brand protection strategy in a deliberate and actionable way through our menu of à la carte services.

From soup to nuts: Where we focus

We can help pinpoint and measure the operating behaviors that you believe most strongly affect your customers’ perceptions. Our evaluation can include:

  • Brand identity and integrity
  • Customer sentiment
  • Digital experience
  • Food quality
  • Facility performance
  • Research and analytics

An effective food brand protection program requires a broad approach that incorporates science, as well as strategic process and risk planning. Deloitte believes a contemporary food brand protection program should be aligned, responsive, and transparent.

Components of a comprehensive food brand protection program can include:

  • Enterprise compliance management. How well is your existing food brand protection program tied to your overall enterprise compliance program and supportive of your safe and high-quality food and business risk objectives?
  • Supplier and supply chain management. How well do you understand and manage suppliers’ and service providers’ food quality performance and associated risks?
  • Food brand protection process controls. How can your food brand protection and quality function and processes enhance operations and compliance management and reduce potential risks?
  • Operational excellence and compliance. How can you gather and transform actionable insights into mitigating financial and reputational risk?
  • Analytics. How can you use data to help detect risks and issues within your company’s extended enterprise?

Start the conversation

Begin your journey toward a better brand protection strategy and improved brand health. Get in touch with our Food Brand Protection services team.

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