Build Back Better: The latest insights and observations

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The Build Back Better story continues to evolve on Capitol Hill. In this latest episode, Deloitte Tax Policy leader Jon Traub explores the path forward for House Democrats, discusses how the Senate may look to amend any legislation that comes from the House, and considers a potential timeline for how it all plays out.

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Tax podcast: Build Back Better: The latest insights and observations

With a storyline that’s changing day by day, Congressional Democrats continue to refine the Build Back Better package. Host Carrie Falkenhayn and Deloitte Tax Policy leader Jon Traub discuss the latest tax and spend provisions included in the House version, potential obstacles faced in the Senate, and what a feasible timeline might look like.

A non-governmental organization put up their own estimate of the package today and they thought that, as drafted by the House, the package included about $2.4 trillion of net spending and $2.2 trillion of revenue offsets. If you keep the phase-outs and sunsets as set in the law, and if those things are made permanent, the bill is much more underwater than $200 billion.

—Jon Traub

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