Finding the value of big data using the cloud tools and solutions

The data-in-the-moment revolution

The ability to quickly produce value from data, whatever its form and wherever it resides, is redefining industries. And while it's critical to plan a technology architecture that will allow you to find and unlock the value of data in all of its forms faster than your competition, consider starting with the right business questions—and then augmenting your ability to solve for them. It just so happens that powerful cloud solutions are suited to overcome myriad infrastructure, platform, data, risk, and compliance challenges.

Our perspective

Dynamic, personalized results in real time

Many buyers no longer travel along a conveniently segmented purchasing funnel. Their loyalties are increasingly up for grabs and they are making buying decisions in real time up to the point of transaction. Whether it's targeting customers using location-based insights so a competitor can't undermine all your marketing efforts at the final hurdle, or pinpointing precise regulatory and risk metrics on demand, the ability to use data in the moment is what will likely separate leaders from laggards.

Better, smarter, faster decisions

Beyond the real-time dynamic capabilities that the cloud brings to big data and analytics, there's a strategic imperative as well. Data is sleeping somewhere within your own legacy systems, lurking in the deep web, or being generated in real time. The cloud can help unlock data-driven solutions to many of your most complex business, operational, and customer issues—all so that you can focus your time and energy on activities that will have the highest probability for success. But without a carefully architected approach leveraging the cloud, it's unlikely that this potential can be truly unleashed.

What's beyond the hype surrounding mobility and IoT?

Whether it's data generated and shared in real time by a sensor in a jet engine or in a person's pacemaker, data is on the move. The ability to capture it, make sense of it, and do something about it—right now—raises inspiring opportunities as well as significant risk, compliance, and operational challenges. Doing that means rethinking and re-architecting how you find, store, use, and process data at the speed of the cloud and in your marketplace's unique ecosystem.

How to get there?

Learn more about cloud.

Advance your business, exponentially

Disrupt. Transform. Repeat.

That's the new normal. Done right, the cloud not only drives that reality—it can turn it into your advantage. Deloitte's end-to-end capabilities and deep understanding of you—your business, industry, and dynamics—help to amplify the transformative value of the cloud, beyond cost cutting. You can become agile and disruptive. You're not just using the cloud. It's helping to advance your business in ways you never imagined.

Unveiling what's next

With ever-growing troves of data still unexplored, and with the cloud tools powering new ways to find, assess, and act on that data in the moment, the allure of big data, analytics, and IoT is anything but misplaced. At the same time, it's important to stay grounded in specific business challenges, questions, and opportunities. Focus on establishing bounded scope and measurable, attributable value—without wandering into risk, compliance, and security minefields.

Every enterprise needs to map out how to blend business strategy with technology opportunity: innovate, or face inevitable disruption. What’s the reward on the horizon for those who succeed? The more you can move to the cloud securely and compliantly, the faster your speed to market, the greater your control of scalability and costs. And the more you can reduce time spent on configuring and increase time spent on innovative new releases and enhanced customer experience.

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