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Resilient podcast: How businesses can confront the COVID-19 crisis

Actionable insights to help businesses respond and recover

In this special edition Resilient series, we shift our focus to the evolving COVID-19 crisis. From supply chain disruptions and economic scenarios to remote working challenges and crisis response strategies, these episodes feature actionable insights from leaders to help you think through what to do now—and next.

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Combatting fraud, waste, and abuse in the wake of COVID-19

While moments of crisis often bring out the best in people, they can also breed new opportunities for fraud and corruption. As disruption and uncertainty pervade the current business climate, organizations must be particularly vigilant in their efforts to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse—from financial statement fraud and insider trading to product counterfeiting and piracy.  In this episode of the Resilient podcast, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory principal, Don Fancher, examines detection, response, and prevention approaches in the new environment created by COVID-19. He shares examples of the types of fraud that companies are experiencing during the pandemic and discusses how leaders can prioritize investigations when many companies are operating virtually. He also explores how technology and advanced analytics can assist in detecting and thwarting fraud—and play an important role in building organizational resilience against these internal and external threats.

Combatting fraud, waste, and abuse in the wake of COVID-19

Chief risk and recovery officer: The CRO’s changing role

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought risk to the forefront of many leadership agendas. The magnitude of the crisis has revealed both the strengths and areas for improvement in many risk management plans. Chief risk officers (CROs) are playing an essential role in helping their organizations respond to risks and adapt to uncertainty. They are also helping guide their organization in the move toward recovery. Our guests in this episode, Tamika Puckett, chief risk officer for the City of Chicago, and Luke Figora, senior associate vice president and chief risk and compliance officer at Northwestern University, join the Resilient podcast to discuss the frontline role of the CRO and how that role is likely to change as organizations move out of crisis and into the next normal. They share their experiences from the past few months⁠—how they are approaching the challenges of the current environment and what are they doing to advise and guide their organizations to respond, recover, and emerge stronger. They also look ahead to how this crisis might change their organization’s approach to enterprise risk management, appetite for risk, and preparedness planning for the next crisis.

Business leaders in this episode:

  • Tamika Puckett, chief risk officer, City of Chicago
  • Luke Figora, senior associate vice president, chief risk and compliance officer, Northwestern University

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The CRO's changing role

Open for business: Returning to in-office work

Reopening offices and work facilities is top of mind for many organizations. But business leaders are faced with a myriad of different guidelines and regulations across states and geographies. How can they guide a viable return to business operations while making workforce safety and well-being top priorities? In this episode of Resilient, we explore reopening through a human capital lens. Lisa Buckingham, executive vice president and chief people, place, and brand officer at Lincoln Financial Group and Tina Witney, managing director in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Human Capital practice explore some of the data, capabilities, and methods organizations might use to determine when and how to safely shift from remote to office- or facilities-based work. They discuss how measures taken as part of the reopening process today might help business leaders structure work in new and better ways, advance their organizations’ mission for the long term, and build trust with workers and customers. Lisa also shares insights on how managing through the COVID-19 crisis has enabled Lincoln Financial Group to increase organizational agility and embrace innovation in unexpected ways.

Business leaders in this episode:

  • Lisa Buckingham, executive vice president and chief people, place and brand officer, Lincoln Financial Group
  • Tina Witney, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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Open for business: Returning to in-office work

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