Public cloud migration

From proof of concept to full-scale migration

Within five years, more than 40 percent of enterprise workloads will run in the public cloud. But despite all the potential that cloud offers, getting from a few "proof of concept" projects to the full–scale migration of hundreds of applications interwoven with databases, external services, and distributed legacy infrastructure (not to mention regulatory and security imperatives) is a big ask. Even cloud–savvy teams must look beyond technology to meet the challenge–to disrupt, transform, repeat.

Our perspective

Know your applications

Define what you mean by app, then build a strong foundation for the long haul by understanding that cloud migrations rely on an accurate, up-to-date inventory and dependency map to prioritize, accelerate adoption, and reduce risk.

Test before you leap

Assess organizational readiness, then build momentum with an initial minimum viable product approach designed to build confidence and demonstrate security and compliance in a public cloud environment. Put discovery engineers at the core to establish smart migration wave planning; put migration engineers at the fore to minimize risk and drive scalability through automation. Overall readiness will also depend on establishing a robust landing zone on the cloud, bringing best practices around account management, security, networking, and other core foundational services.

Different stacks for different apps

How far and how fast your enterprise can move from its legacy footprint to cloud-native scalability depends on understanding the implications across the stack. Whether you’re re–hosting or re–factoring, evolving architectures promise autoscaling, selfhealing, and hardware–agnostic operation. But this needs to be balanced against risk and compliance needs, while keeping an eye on vendor lock–in.

How to get there?

Learn more about cloud.

Advance your business, exponentially

Disrupt. Transform. Repeat.

That's the new normal. Done right, the cloud not only drives that reality—it can turn it into your advantage. Deloitte's end-to-end capabilities and deep understanding of you—your business, industry, and dynamics—help to amplify the transformative value of the cloud, beyond cost cutting. You can become agile and disruptive. You're not just using the cloud. It's helping to advance your business in ways you never imagined.

Unveiling what's next

It's looking inevitable. Organizations will embrace automation and autonomic platforms that seamlessly move workloads among traditional on–premise stacks, private cloud platforms, and public cloud services.

Every enterprise needs to map out how to blend business strategy with technology opportunity: innovate, or face inevitable disruption. What's the reward on the horizon for those who succeed? The more you can move to cloud securely and compliantly, the faster your speed to market, the greater your control of scalability and costs. And the more you can reduce time spent on configuring and increase time spent on innovative new releases and enhanced customer experience.

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