The Deloitte Research Monthly Outlook and Perspectives

Deloitte Research is launching the Monthly Snapshot with this inaugural issue from March 2015. Our aim is to provide Deloitte China executives and professionals an up-to-date view of economic and policy developments in China relevant to our businesses and network. Delivered in both English and Chinese, this publication will mainly offer short commentary putting forward the Deloitte perspective on the Chinese economy and industries. We hope this service will be useful and informative to you.

Latest issue

The Deloitte Research Monthly Outlook and Perspectives Issue XXVI

17 May 2017

Issue XXVI provides insights on topics covering economy, retail, technology and life science & healthcare.

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Issue XXVI
17 May 2017

Issue XXV
14 April 2017

Issue XXIV
17 March 2017

21 February 2017

Issue XXII
19 January 2017

Issue XXI
20 December 2016

Issue XX
18 November 2016

Issue XIX
17 October 2016

18 September 2016

Issue XVII
17 August 2016

Issue XVI
18 July 2016

Issue XV
17 June 2016

Issue XIV
17 May 2016

Issue XIII
18 April 2016

Issue XII
17 March 2016

Issue XI
18 January 2016

Issue X
18 December 2015

Issue IX
17 November 2015

Issue VIII
19 October 2015

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