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Resilient podcast series

Awards and recognition

​Resilient is an award-winning podcast series that features authentic, engaging, and thought-provoking conversations with leaders. Hear interviews and personal stories about how CEOs, senior executives, government officials, board members, and people outside of the business world embrace complexity to lead, navigate, and disrupt to accelerate performance. And discover what they learned about resilience amid risk, crisis, and disruption.

Resilient podcast series receives 2018 Gold-level AVA Digital Award

Announced in January 2018, the Resilient podcast series achieved a Gold-level award in the audio production category.

AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design, and production of digital communication. Work ranges from digital engagement campaigns—to audio and video production—to website development—to social media interaction—to mobile marketing. Each entry is evaluated and scored by judges from AMCP, the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

Resilient podcast series receives 2016 Gold-level MarCom Award

The Resilient podcast series achieved a Gold-level award in the podcast category of the 2016 MarCom Awards. This award was announced in November 2016 for the episode on value focused leadership, with Keith Wandell, the former CEO of Harley-Davidson.

The MarCom Awards recognizes outstanding achievement in creative programs. MarCom, one of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious creative competitions in the world, is sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). Judges are industry professionals who look for those who exceed a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.

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