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About us

Deloitte and The Female Quotient Alliance

Working towards equality for all

Deloitte and The Female Quotient (The FQ) are in a strategic alliance dedicated to helping advance inclusion in the workplace by developing innovative client solutions and creating a community where thought leaders can engage in inspirational dialogue, brainstorm solutions for change, and collaborate to share real experiences.

About our alliance

The Deloitte and The Female Quotient alliance looks to connect impact makers and activate real change together. This has helped the community of business leaders transform workplace culture and cultivate a spirit of mentorship. We aim to build an environment where ALL people feel they can connect, belong and grow. We are all advancing inclusion together!

Together we can:

  • Inspire conversation
    Inspiring conversation and inclusion through ongoing lounge activations where current and future thought leaders can participate in diversity & inclusion programming and engage in unplugged conversations
  • Grow leaders
    Grow and activate the next generation of diversity and inclusion leaders on campuses by co-sponsoring engaging programming, exploring ways to empower students to own their career at every level as current and future impact makers
  • Accelerate research
    Engage in continuous learning by collaborating on transformative programming, research, and media across both the private and public sector

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About The Female Quotient

The FQ is a female-owned business that creates pop-up lounges at global conferences, companies, and college campuses where leaders connect, collaborate, and activate change together. Lounge audiences are composed of C-suite leaders, senior executives, media agencies, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and influencers discussing important D&I topics and committing to actionable change to advance and promote workplace inclusivity. The FQ Lounge is the Home of Equality: The place where we all can belong.

We’re all constantly learning. The FQ conducts expansive research to understand the issues facing society today, the actionable solutions for change society can implement tomorrow, and the benefits the impact of inclusion can have in the future.

The FQ advocates for inclusion through:

  • Pipeline
    Charting clear pathways for advancement, creating sponsorship and mentorship opportunities, and fostering education initiatives
  • Parity
    Creating equal opportunities by working towards eliminating the wage gap, diverse representation, and inclusive hiring practices
  • Policy
    Creating cultures of care through measures that promote equality and an organizational structure that truly supports all employees

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Spotlight: The FQ Lounge @ The Davos World Economic Forum

Deloitte hosted 10 programs focused on inclusion with The FQ featuring Deloitte leaders Joe Ucuzoglu, Janet Foutty, Richard Houston, Terri Cooper, Sharon Thorne, Kelly Herod, Donna Glass, Lara Abrash, and Scott Corwin, with additional executives from SAP, Adobe, The New York Times, and many other companies. Thousands of attendees were welcomed into the FQ Lounge to engage in D&I programming topics including The Multiplier Effect: How Cultures of Inclusion and Purpose Increase Our Impact, Moving Freely: How Mobility Innovation Creates More Inclusive Opportunity, and Drivers of Change: Megatrends That Are Reshaping Our World. Livestreams of the panel conversations and insights generated buzz around the necessity to take steps to advance inclusion to create a better world.

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Interested in viewing more of our Deloitte Leaders speaking in The FQ Lounge? Watch the playlist!

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