Podcast: REI’s path to purpose

Driving equity and diversity in the outdoor industry

This episode of That Makes Cents explores the power of organizational purpose to drive DE&I and prosperity for both business and society.

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REI’s path to driving purpose in the outdoor industry

When it comes to issues like DEI and sustainability, consumers are putting their money where their mouths are, and they expect businesses to do the same. Organizations that lead with purpose are not only driving societal prosperity, but sustainable prosperity for the business, too. Joining this episode to explain the why and how behind organizational purpose are Dan Kihanya, director of corporate development and investment at REI, and Kwasi Mitchell, Deloitte’s chief purpose officer.

I also believe that consumers will continue to call for simplicity and transparency. Lofty brand ambitions will fly right over their heads without tangible proof. So, if you’re promoting climate sustainability goals, for instance, give very clear examples of what you’re doing, that consumers can see and participate in. If you’re focused on, say, diversity and inclusion, act with humility, think holistically, and try to avoid this idea of virtual signaling. The intent should come through as authentic.

—Dan Kihanya, Director of Corporate Development and Investment at REI

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