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Gazing into the Google Cloud: What’s new and next for Next ‘19?

Deloitte on Cloud Blog

Managing director Lisa Noon looks into her Google Cloud Next crystal ball and shares her predictions for this year’s conference.

April 4, 2019

A blog post by Lisa Noon, managing director

In just a few days, business leaders, cloud developers—and yes, lots of geeks(!)—will be taking over the Moscone Center in San Francisco for Google Cloud Next ’19. It’s a privilege to be part of this and difficult to believe how far this event has come in a short time. I actually still have the badge from the Customer/Partner Advisory Board meeting on October 16, 2013, where as one of 60 participants I had the opportunity to both learn from and share insights with the Googlers who’ve since led their enterprise march.

Now, with more than 30,000 people expected this year, the energy going into the event is palpable. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and hearing about how organizations are leveraging this amazing technology to do great things. While it’s fun to reminisce, here’s what I see in the Google Cloud Next ’19 crystal ball:

  • Industry stories. The work we do at Deloitte is industry value-driven, and we’ve seen a rapid uptick in the development of enterprise applications that drive tangible outcomes and material innovation. We are motoring through the “let’s save money” stage into the “let’s do things we’ve not been able to do before” stage and that makes for great stories. Expect to see a showcase of Google Cloud technology in industry context and with real world impact.
  • We’re going cloud-native. Many organizations are now reaping the benefits of going cloud-native on Google Cloud. Anyone that’s truly gone cloud-native knows that the promises of time-to-market, agility, and price/performance are the real deal. I predict we will see more of this, and less “cloud agnosticity” next week and beyond.
  • Machine learning gets real. We’ve seen a lot of ML as “science project” examples—and no offense intended—it’s with good reason. It is complex technology, there’s a learning curve, and there’s also a lot of hype. Meanwhile, Machine Learning requires clean, curated data. As we all work to improve our lot on that front, patience while waiting for real outcomes has been required. We’ve had a window into some really interesting projects in the last year, and I expect others have as well. I am looking forward to hearing more about how companies are progressing.
  • Momentum in healthcare and research with tangible public benefit. Google Cloud is a great platform for use cases with extreme requirements for scale in both compute and storage. Achieving “art-of-the possible” scale for a workload that demands it is amazing all by itself, but when it’s delivered to serve the medical professionals, researchers and data scientists who are working to find cures for diseases and help us live healthier lives it’s, well, beyond humbling. Expect to hear some great stories about how Google Cloud’s incredible technology is being used in the best ways imaginable.

All in all, April 9-11 will be three days of discovery and exploration. What are your predictions for Google Next? What new applications and tools are you hoping to see? Be sure to stop by Deloitte’s booth, #1303 in Moscone South, to see our industry demos and let’s talk about your impressions. Don’t miss the Future of Health panel on April 10 from 2:10-3:00. Find us at the Partner Summit as well, where we will be talking about Secure IoT, and Cyber Risk in Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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