Moving to the Cloud? Get ready to deal with culture issues

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What does corporate IT culture have to do with being successful in the cloud? Pretty much everything.

November 8, 2018

A blog post by David Linthicum, managing director, chief cloud strategy officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

It’s stated well in this CloudTech article that describes the primary finding of DORA’s (DevOps Research and Assessment Team) recent State of DevOps report1:

If you think your organization has gotten serious about DevOps, the bad news is that a small group of companies are raising the bar higher than ever. But things can change depending on how you implement cloud infrastructure.

There are good comparisons that can be made between this and Puppet’s State of DevOps report2, released at about the same time. It seems that both reports are framed around comparing high and low performers in DevOps. Indeed, in this case about half (48 percent) are considered high performers compared with 37 percent and 15 percent for medium and low respectively.

However, the DORA report names ‘elite’ performers (7 percent). These are companies that are able to deploy new applications multiple times per day. Moreover, they take less than an hour to move from code commit to code running in production.

What these stats have in common is that culture seems to be the limiting factor, and not technology itself, such as DevOps tool chains and Cloud computing. The idea is that we’re at a point in time where the transformation of people is much harder than the transformation of technology. As such, this seems to be where most of corporate IT stubs their toes.

The cure is not easy to swallow, either. You need to focus on culture transformation as part of the larger issue and invite outside change agents to help you move from a non-cloud non-DevOps culture to one that embraces innovation and speed, before embracing the technology that can get them there.

Of course, this often means more money needs to be spent right now. As budgets fill up around the new rapid growth of the economy, perhaps this is an area of investment that you need to make.

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