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A 360-degree smart city looks across every aspect of a city’s operations and uses technology to improve outcomes. The digital infrastructure of a smart city sets the stage for a network of partnerships all focused on one goal: Creating a smarter city. The result? An urban center that not only leverages technology to improve its own operations but connects with citizens, businesses, and nonprofits in new ways.

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The path toward the possible

Futurists have long envisioned smart cities of the future where residents and visitors thrive. Fine-tuned and seamlessly operated, these modern urban environments hum with advanced multi-modal transit systems, self-sustaining energy grids, clean and safe neighborhoods, integrated services, and meaningful amenities. While incremental progress has been made toward this bright future, cities and communities continue to face complex challenges, including infrastructure upkeep, population growth and migration, and sustainability issues.

From schools to businesses and transportation to energy, a holistic vision helps bring solutions to every aspect of urban life. Working together, new ideas and new technologies can be brought to bear in concrete ways that enhance the lives of citizens and create a brighter future.

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Three key differentiators of a smart city

What does a smart city look like?


A successful smart city will depend upon driving innovative solutions across six domains: economy, environment and energy, government and education, living and health, safety and security, and mobility. Learn more.

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How have we helped cities around the world advance on their journey to becoming a smart city? Explore our client stories to find out.


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