Deloitte Analytics Institute (DAI)

Deloitte Analytics Institute (DAI) is a Center of Excellence focused on providing the best-of-breed strategies and technologies to assist solving Deloitte China clients toughest business challenges. Mr. Joseph Chu is appointed as DAI leader for Deloitte China.

The DAI supports and promotes Data Science practice across all Deloitte functions: Audit, Consulting, Enterprise Risk Services, Financial Advisory and Tax Services. The DAI provides a suit of technical capabilities and people skillsets in the field of data modeling, visualization, management and internet+ that can be embedded in Deloitte China solutions. The DAI is a unique differentiator that has no equivalent in the market.

Deloitte China clients are calling for help to navigate into the Big Data streams and the increase agility in the digital economy. That's why the DAI has acquired market leading technologies and hired world class experts: SME practitioners, domain knowledge expert, PhD… to provide an efficient support including, algorithm design, machine learning mechanism...

A picture worth a thousand words, that's why the DAI mathematical and statistical results are presented into cutting edge visualization and data discovery technologies. To empower from line-of-business managers to Top Management Executive, by using self-exploratory, actionable insights to enable decision maker to take the right decision, at the right moment, based on particular situation.

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DAI Leader

Joseph Chu

Joseph Chu

Deloitte Analytics Institute Leader

Joseph has extensive experience in data analytics (DA), business information management, compliance and fraud risk management, audit and controls services for over 20 years. His areas of expertise inc... More