Inside sports analytics

10 lessons for business leaders

​In general, sports teams are still behind businesses in their sophistication and use of analytics. They’re typically fairly small businesses that often can’t afford major investments in the capability, and the idea of using analytics to compete is relatively new. Despite this, there are several important lessons that businesses and other types of organizations can learn from the use of analytics in sports.

The following 10 lessons come from research Tom Davenport, independent senior advisor to Deloitte Analytics, conducted on more than 25 professional teams.

1. The importance of aligned leadership

2. Aggressive use of external data, often from video and locational devices
3. It’s all about the people who play the game

4. Ultimately, it’s how the team performs, not the individuals

5. Focus on analytical amateurs

6. Get help from the ecosystem

7. Take an enterprise approach to organizing analytics

8. Communications are critical

9. Work closely with your technologists

10. Enlist the external public to help with analysis

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